After being in the automotive industry for many years, we have seen firsthand the urgent need to carefully monitor vehicles, keys, dealer tags, salespeople, and customers. No matter what size dealership, it can be very difficult to locate every single assets at any given time. Vehicles can be on spot deliveries, at body shops, or at repair facilities, and no one may know for sure. In order to prevent costly mistakes like this, we started developing the DOG in 2008. We teamed up with electrical engineers and computer experts to create a product that would monitor all vehicles in real time.

The project began by using large, desktop-sized plywood demo units to house the electronics, and has evolved to the pocket-sized device of today. After many years of development, we are ready to share our product. With this system in place, a dealer can monitor all assets in a cost-effective manner that will also improve many aspects of business. Costly mistakes like lost keys and dealer tags, unknown vehicle whereabouts, and dead batteries,no fuel and  check engine light on, will be a thing of the past. Vehicles can also be protected against unauthorized access during non-business hours.

Can you imagine knowing where 100% of your inventory is 100% of  the time 24/7 365 days a year ? 

The DOG is the solution you have been looking for.