Represents the ‘complete’ complete system, including RFid cards, RFid readers, APS units, Master radios, software, and other components. DOG is an acronym for Device-On-Guard.
Wireless device that interfaces with a PC at your site and communicates with APS units on your lot. Commonly referred to as the master radio or base station.
Wireless device that interfaces with your vehicle and communicates with the master. 

Common Questions


Can I locate my vehicle?

An APS is not designed to locate your vehicle like a GPS. The system is intended to be cost-effective and power-efficient. It will continually monitor your vehicles, display if they are onsite (or not), and alert you to specific alarm conditions so that an owner or manager can respond to events as they occur.


Why is my vehicle not reporting in?

Check to ensure your Master is plugged into your PC and that the PC is running. Next, check the DOGMaster service log for errors. If the service is running, then check the vehicle to ensure the APS is plugged into the OBD-II port. If the unit is plugged in, try unplugging it and then replugging it back in. This should activate an alarm and send a notification. If no alarm or notification is received, please contact support for further assistance.


How secure is the APS?

The APS and Master implement strong encryption and are specifically coded for your site so that no third party may ease drop on data being sent or received.